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My favorite hair product is Unite Boosta Volumizing Spray. It adds volume without a sticky glue-like feel. It’s perfect for a big blowdry and excellent as a base for curl sets. With kelp and castor bean extracts, it adds moisture to make sure your hair stays moisturized for soft, subtle locks.

My runway obsession ranges from big, voluminous curls to pastel platinum tones – I love how hair works as an accessory to accent the outfit.

My specialty and passion is corrective color as well as creative color concepts. I love doing complete makeovers to make the client’s hair dreams come true. Hair is an art and a science. I love difficult situations where I have to go in-depth to make sure the client’s needs are met.

My favorite decade in hair inspiration is the roaring twenties. A lot of the hair trends and fashion are what’s coming back in this era. I love the vibe and the city-like atmosphere it represented, from the dancing to the true grit of the mob scene.

When I’m not at work, I love reading and watching documentaries. Knowledge is power and I love learning new things constantly. I love to be in the gym and make sure I am always active. Healthy mind and body equal a happy, healthy life.


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